Automotive items are available for repare and maintenance of different applications like Transmission, Rear or Front wheel axle, Differential, etc.. High Quality bearing to secure long life in Operation

In Europe over 260 Millions vehicules with different Trade Mark and Modells are registered. Beside the continuous development of the drive lines the Automotive Industry works eagerly to improve the efficiency of the engines, the cleaning of exhaust gases and the optimization of the drive technology.

The biggest challenge of the car industry is to reduce the enviromental negative impact of the exhausted gases and at the same time to increase or keep the performance of the respective Car Model. Koyo understands the conditions and the unprecedented development which the Automotive industry must face. Koyo can offer the Automotive industry through high level of Knowhows and developped technologies a diversity of products to improve the performace, to increase passenger security/comfort and to reduce the fuel consumption / CO² Emission.

Experience and Competencies

Koyo is the leader in Bearing Supply for Automotive OE and Spar parts market. Koyo Bearings get assembled in a diversity of car applications like axles, Engines, Transmissions and diffenrent other units.

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