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Thrust Ball Bearings are split in one direction and two directions desigs. The first design can carry thrust load only in one "side" direction and the second design can carry thrust loads in both "side" direction. Both can not be used in applications in which radial load or high RPM get applied. This Bearing Type get used in the Automoitve, Aerospace and Marine Industries. Further information you find below our „Products“.

A Needle Roller Bearing is a very compact Bearing designed based on Cylindrical Roller Bearing. NRB is an economic alternative for applications in which Load and Speed operates in a very small space. NRB are ideal becuase they can be used in smal units with specific conditions. This type of bearings has the smallest cross section of all bearing types. Further information you find below our „Products“.

Ball Bearings are the most used bearings in different applications. This Bearing design carry radial and axial load in both directions. Ball Bearings exists in different designs as shielded/sealed Types and with spring rings. More information you find below our „Products“.

Cylindrical Roller bearings can carry a high radiale load but very low thrust load. This Type of bearings has cylindrical formed rollers but the final shape does not reflect a perfect cylindrical form. The rollers has a crowned shape and the ends are rounded tom avoid edge stress. This Geometrie reduce friction during operation and makes it is use in high speed application possible. More information to find below our "products".

A housing unit content a lubricated and sealed ball bearing and a casted housing which can have different designs. Those units can align itself efficiently due to the crowned surface of the housing and the ball bearing. This caracteristics compensate mistakes due to wrong assembly. More information to find below our "products".

The Ceramic and EXEV Bearings were developped for applications with extrem operating conditions and for which a standard bearing will not perform as needed. It is designed to be used in Clean and Vacum rooms with high temperature, corrosion and impurities. Those Types of Bearings are used since long time in a lot of sectors and modern Technologies. More information to find below our "products".

Die JTEKT Corporation has worldwide 61 Plants (For steering systems, Drive line components, Bearings and Tooling machines. For Koyo Bearings Production the following plants are active.Japan: 5 Plants, Germany: 1 Plant, France: 2 Plants, United Kingdom: 1 Plant, Tchech Republik: 1 Plant, Romania: 1 Plant, Oceania: 8 Plants: 7 Plamts in North and 1 in South Amerika