Koyo Bearings are mainly manufactured in Japan, Germany, USA, France, United Kingdom, etc.

Bearings are "friction managers" between a fixed and a turned element. Bearings exists with different designs like Bushings, Magnet and Rolling Bearings. Rolling Bearings are friction Managers which facilitate a long life time for an application and are easy to replace. Bearings reduce friction and support directly the reduction of energy consumption and protect our environment. Bearings can be produced with or without a cage. Bearings grant during operation an evenly rolling movements. The most important caracteristics of Bearings are: Low frition by thrust and radial load during operation start, high run per minute, simple assembly and maintenance, high availability due to global design standards, operational below very severe conditions (Extrem Tempreture, Impurities, etc..) and can be easily lubricated.
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